Usually I'm root but from time to time I also pentest Windows boxes where I get called "Administrator". Okay okay jokes aside. I'm Kieran Claessens, 21 years young and passionate about cyber security with a focus on web security. I'm triaging on intigriti & I work as an external security engineer for Kinepolis, when I'm not working I'm probably studying for my Bachelor in cyber secyrity @ Howest or hacking away on a bug bounty program.

My journey as a hacker started 7 years ago when I understood the fact that the PC i got was, if used correctly, actually capbable of frying a datacenter on the other side of the world. From that moment I understood the power computers really had and I started developing my first hacker skills. I've been growing ever since and today I'm proud to say I'm a capable hacker with notable references such as: Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo,.. the list goes on much longer but hey! If you're really interested in that we should have a chat! Don't hesitate to ping me any of the below mentioned channels.